Hello !

This is a simple Arknoid clone I made as part of an online course. The baby theme is from my new born niece - which will turn 4 months soon !

She also supplied some of the background noises.

A few more words from the developer of the game:

First of all, this game was designed to be played till the end, where epic level awaits.
I personally finished the game more than a few times.
Here are some tips that will help you to overcome any frustration:

Stage 1:
Best FIRST shot is done from the far left corner. This way the "ball" will run the same pattern you will learn quickly.

Stage 2:
Stage 2 is much harder. I use a shot from the left side but not the extreme left, so the first hit will be at white bricks. After that try to move along the x axis of the ball at all times. Keep in mind that
when the ball bumps into a wall at a lower section it will bounce back the opposite direction with speed. So, pay attention.

Stage 3:
Pet yourself on the back if you reached thus far. You are only one step away from victory ! This stage is about the same level as Stage 2. My preferred strategy is a first shot from the extreme right.
This way the top of the Strawberry will take the first hits and continue to combo hitting other bricks. An alternate strategy is go to the left of the big brick and start with it.

The whole things should not take you more than an hour to finish and watch the epic last scene.

Thanks and all the best,

Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Casual

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